Dad's Shepards' Pie

Potatoes - at least 7 medium or 5 large
Milk or Cream
Real butter
Ground Beef, 1 to 3 pounds 85% lean
1 can creamed corn - or 2 cans if 3 lbs ground beef
1 can whole Kernel Corn
Fresh-ground black pepper

Cooking the ground beef:

Preheat oven to 350

In a large bowl break apart ground beef and season with onion powder, salt and fresh-cracked black pepper
Place the ground beef in a oven safe caserole dish
A square one works best, but use what you have
Bake uncovered for hour
Remove from oven and drain off fat
Cover and bake until center temp is 170
Remove from oven and drain off fat
Slice into center and check for any pink color
If any pink, return to oven for another 10 minutes and check again

Cooking the potatoes:

While beef is cooking:
Peel, wash and quarter potatoes
Boil in plenty of water and a dash of salt about 20 - 30
minutes, until done.
If unsure, take a piece out, let it cool and try it
Drain potatoes, add - stick butter and a splash of milk or cream
Whip potatoes until smooth, adding more milk or cream if needed.

Put it together:

When beef is done:
Mix corns together in a bowl.
Using whole kernel and creamed corn makes a big difference
Remove beef from oven and pour corn over beef
Return to oven and cook until corn begins to bubble
Remove from oven, put potatoes over corn,
Spreading evenly and out to the sides of the caserol dish
Return to oven and allow potatoes to brown on top a bit - maybe 15 minutes, no more

Serve with a light salad and a robust red wine